“Susan Downs traded her eyes for forbidden knowledge.”

downs-3-coverThat’s all you really need to know to enjoy Susan’s adventures. Susan Downs is a seeker of truth and a finder of trouble. She practices radical nonjudgment but finds herself fighting for what’s right. She’s on a path to enlightenment with occasional detours into hell. Her origins are her own, and will unfold on her own time.

Susan Downs sees with her mind. She can see everything within about a 30-foot radius, in great detail. She can see dust mites in the basement but she can’t see the horizon. She knows Shaolin kung fu, hoodoo, and a smattering of ancient Toaist folk magic. She is relentless.

I’m trying to create a series that’ll reward hard-core fans and delight casual observers. Every story is completely self-contained and characters very seldom recur. Susan seldom repeats a trick.

I created Susan around 2009, after abandoning my old series, which was kind of a two-gun vigilante-type thing. I wanted to create a series that was action-packed, but not necessarily violent, and that allowed me to tell all kinds of stories. What I love about Susan is her curiosity, and I have enjoyed following her exploits over the years. I hope you will, too.

Want to draw Susan’s adventures? I’m always looking for artists. Email me at dtony76 at hotmail dot com.