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downs-1-coverIssue 1

Three complete stories!
* Dual Cultivation – with art by Steve Black
* It’s a Free-Range Celestial Tie-Dyed Freak-Out, Turkey! – with art by Brent Bowman
* The Girl Who Wasn’t There – with art by Matias T!

$3 postpaid (U.S. only)


downs-2-coverIssue 2

Three complete stories!

* Come Out To Play – with art by Craig Bogart
* A Little Bit of Knowledge – with art by Glenn Brewer
* The Evil Eye – with art by Tom Williams

$3 postpaid (U.S. only)



downs-3-coverIssue 3

Susan’s first full-length adventure!

An ancient enemy of man … a murderous cult … Susan stands alone against the Gasping Death!

A nonstop supernatural thriller with plenty of twists, a little humor and Lovecraftian horror!

$3 postpaid (U.S. only)