I keep thinking the “fake geek girl” thing is over, and I missed commenting on it. But it keeps coming up, so here are my thoughts.

fake geek girlI don’t think “fake geek girls” really exist.

I do think there’s such a thing as a person who plays up their interests to get attention. If you have ever seen me pull out pictures of my 3-year-old daughter in a roomful of middle-aged women, you will know that’s the case.

However, I don’t know how to distinguish someone who’s “just trying to get attention” from someone who’s “excited about things they’re into.” If you’re sure you are dealing with the former, my advice is to just ignore that person. Save your internet scorn for a worthier target.

Additionally, if there is a test for true geekdom, I am not sure I would qualify. I write & maintain a webcomic, but my pull has only a half-dozen books. I’ve never role-played, I skipped Battlestar Galactica, I missed the last four comic book movies and I haven’t watched an anime in years. I know tons of women who are geekier than I am.