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I don’t have Issue 1 up here yet, but I’m working on it.

Issue 2

downs-2-coverThree complete stories!

* Come Out to Play: Susan steals a forbidden book — and finds herself the target of every occult gang in town! With artist Craig Bogart.
* A Little Bit of Knowledge: Susan returns to the bar where she traded her eyes, hoping to save a preacher’s life — and his immortal soul! With artist Glenn Brewer.

* The Evil Eye: Belinda Mason was the girl who had everything — including a low-grade curse. It’s a night on the town with Susan Downs, courtesy of artist Tom Williams.

* Cover by Steve Black!

Kindle (.mobi)


Issue 3: Teckeli: The Gasping Death

downs-3-coverSusan’s first full-length adventure!

An ancient enemy of man … a murderous cult … Susan stands alone against the Gasping Death!

A nonstop supernatural thriller with plenty of twists, a little humor and Lovecraftian horror!

Kindle (.mobi)





Issue 4: Stories I Drew Myself

issue-4-cover-mediumFour big stories! 38 pages of story! Digital only!

From the deepest lakes to the edge of the human heart, Susan Downs pursues knowledge wherever it leads.

* See Line Woman: Under a powerful love spell, Susan Downs fights a hoodoo witch for a man she barely knows!

* Terror in the Dark: Standing stones under Lake Superior, an ancient horror, and the 1970s. It’s our Lovecraft / Gordon Lightfoot mashup!

* Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Susan tries to deliver a holy relic, only to be ambushed by a Babylonian sorcerer — and the shades of her dead parents!

* Blood on the Dance Floor: When the Spirit of Relationship Drama comes to town, it’s up to Susan to squash that beef. But does she have the moves?

Kindle (.mobi)