One of my quarter bin pleasures is this goofy little Charlton horror comic called “Midnight Tales.”

“Midnight Tales” is an anthology piece nominally starring Prof. Coffin, aka the Midnight Philosopher, and his niece Arachne. It trafficked in light horror, PG-rated EC stuff, but it with a lot of heart and humor. It’s not too far off from what I’m trying to do here.

I digress. I was flipping through issue No. 11 (February 1975) when I found the following very classy gesture:

Tony Isabella letter to the editor

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Yep, that is apparently a letter from Tony Isabella, creator of Black Lightning and “America’s most beloved comic book writer.” It’s pretty cool.

Here’s the front cover. If you ever see it in the wild, snag it. Tell ’em Tony (Goins or Isabella, take your pick) sent you.

Midnight Tales 11

Midnight Tales 11